About idols, heavy shredding, side missions and „results“ that are somehow whatever!

Text and photos by Thomas Gentsch


About idols, heavy shredding, side missions and „results“ that are somehow whatever!

Text and photos by Thomas Gentsch

„Yes, and here we are in Copenhagen, very nice“ is possibly the most well known quote ever been stated about the capitol of Denmark. Dated 1990 in Powell & Peraltas „Propaganda“ Video by team rider Nicky Guerrero, it still sums up the still existing essiential – Copenhagen is very nice. My special joy was putting off the mask i´ve been wearing for the past one and a half years and feeling like an interacting human being again. Metro, supermarket, hotel, yes, it was and is all mask free. Talking about interacting, and the main propose of the general ideas of giving skateboarders theirs pro-model on a certain brand, CPH is a posterchild example of the interaction between the „big pros“ and the „average kid“.

Patrick Rogalski – fs Bluntslide Kickflip out


Zion Wright & Jamie Foy


Zee Germans & Ishod


Wes Kremer & Tom Penny


William Frederiksen, Simon Weyhe, Keld Aabjørn


Zion Wright – BigSpin Flip

I love Beer!

Considering myself as „one of the lasts pointed out“, it was a fun experience i´d never have thought of in my early years on a skateboard some very far moons ago. T-Puds got me a beer when needed, Appleyard gave new Titus Pro Jelle Maatman his first pro-deck and even though i´ve never ever met Jamie Foy before, we were fist bumping after his already now legendary Fs Crooks. Summing shit up, all i can state is that CPH once again proved that all skateboarders, not matter if kid, new or highly paid pro, are all the same, no matter what! Idols are great, and especially in skateboarding also really important, but what can be better than realizing an idol can also be your buddy!? Right, nothing! And CHP once again proved that this fact is still relevant and essential in 2021!


Shane O’Neill – sw Flip bs Tailslide shove-it


Luan Oliveira & Denny Pham

Rocco, Dennis, Vladik


Vladik Scholz & Kevin White

Deedz, Eniz, Marek


Chris Pfanner – Ollie Transfer

Scrolling through the „Insta-Net“ now now some couple days later, I gotta look at myself getting a feeling of „I fucking blew it“. I didn’t attend the secret bowl session with Oski, have not been on the after party at the CPH skatepark after the finals and was pretty late at the „Prizmen“ secret session in the gym. But then again, how many times are you supposed to push the shutter of your camera at an event like this where so much stuff happens all the time? How many kilometres are you supposed to ride your bike with a camera bag on the back?

Jamie Foy – fs Crooks

Jamie after this massive fs Crook

None, actually! CPH is not about covering any trick that happens but more likely witnessing awesome days with your friends and most favorite skateboarders. Just „go with the flow“ is what pops into my mind and as of good proof we met Pfanner on the first day at a new spot just on the outskirts. Chris flew some meters, Rocco flipped out of Fs Bluntslides and off we were back heading for the city centre. Followed by going to the „red street“, we deciding that 500m further could be more interesting and meeting up again with yours and my favorite pros, the true CPH spirit startet to hit the fin even though it was a day before the actual carnage even started. 

Louie Lopez – Kickflip fs Tailslide to Noseblunt

Torey Pudwill – Nollie Flip


Marek Zaprazny – Varial Heelflip


Ishod Wair – Madonna


Oski – fs Ollie


Justin Sommer – Varial Flip


Fresh Pro Jelle Maatman & Louie Barletta


Here we are in Denmark


Arto Saari

Streets of CPH

Justin Sommer – Kickflip fs 5050

Wednesday had us getting up early for street skating before heading for the DIY bowl spot where the first heavy contest shredding went down. Eating a cooky of Christiana origin didn’t´t help chilling and shooting of the platform of the bowl too much, but i pulled it still off. As well as getting Apples to present Jelle his first pro-model of Titus, as afore mentioned. Thursday started at the downhill flatgap and i was fortunate enough to get into an appartment looking down onto the spot from the 3rd story. Best photo-angles were followed by a hefty ledge session where i lost my first flash due to a shooting out board, but whatever, stuff like that happens. Friday left us streetskating again before the official part started at the „yellow bump“ and ended with the „fastest flattrick“ and the „two ledge tricks in a row“ events.


Jesus Fernandez – fs Bluntslide Kickflip


Jost & Madars


Jelle Maatman – fs 360


Heitor DaSilva – sw Crooks


Blake Johnson – Hardflip bs Tailslide


Tiago Lemos – fakie Ollie sw fs Blunt

Saturday we made it just in time to the „Prizmen“ secret spot to catpure Zion´s bigflip before seeing Alex Midler going down – get weel soon. Off to the indoor park, heavy finals came about with Heitor da Silva and Lucas Rabelo both having the runs of their lives. Followed by a Fs crooking Foy and incredible death races, people went out to witness a bump to bar event in the back of the hall. Here i started to get a bit cold, danish nights were, even though the weather during the day was always awesome, getting freezy. I decided to take my bike back home and started to prepere for an early leaving sunday morning. The intake of the last 6 days might have been a bit heavy as well but i felt somehow great not heaving to travel without sleep the next day. And off we were, living the most incredible week of 2021 behind us. And still, yes, „Here we were in Copenhagen – very nice!“

Lucas Rabelo – Nollie 270 sw bs Lip


Luan Oliveira – bs Kickflip

legendary Nyhavn

beautiful Harbour






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